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Media Relations

Managing Your Brand Narrative In News Media.

We maintain close working relationships with all of the major news organizations and hyperlocal media throughout North Carolina and across the USA to ensure your voice and message will be heard.

  • Key Message Development
  • Media Relations
  • Media Training & Coaching
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Corporate Communications
  • Employee Communications
  • Industry Thought Leadership
Strategic Communications

Effective Stakeholder Communications Is Critical To Managing Your Brand Reputation

Whether it’s a 10-person industry thought leadership roundtable or a 1,200 seated annual meeting, Leach Advisors’ event planning & production services deliver your message with impact so it makes a meaningful impression on your most important stakeholders. 

  • Annual Meetings
  • CEO Dinners
  • Charity Events
  • Influencer Fireside Chats
  • Investor Presentations
  • New Building Groundbreakings
  • Roundtables
  • Trade Shows

tEDPNC Annual meeting

Our custom event services increase engagement and understanding of your:

  • Company performance
  • Value to prospective customers or employees
  • Industry thought leadership
  • Products or services innovation
Building and maintaining a positive presence in communities where you operate is vital. Local community leaders and residents are increasingly expecting companies to advance positive economic development, environmental stewardship, workforce growth, fair labor practices, and engage on social issues. Ending up on the wrong side of these and other community issues can expose your company to:

  • Protests
  • Public Backlash
  • Threats
  • Product Boycotts
  • Market Cap Loss
We help our clients engage in open dialogue, promote responsible practices, and address important community issues to build trust and foster positive relationships with community leaders, local influencers and elected officials. For many of our clients, we arrange strategic introductions and business networking, charity & community sponsorships, non-profit board seats and participation in local events.

New to the Research Triangle? We work with executives who have recently relocated to the region to expand their professional network and relationships with news media, elected officials and civic and community leaders.

Leach Advisors has helped start-ups seeking capital, emerging growth mid-caps, and Fortune 500 companies  report their financial performance and growth forecasts. 

We apply our years of experience advising CEOs and writing their commentary related to:

  • Material Corporate Announcements
  • Quarterly Financial Reporting
  • Proxy Communications
  • Investor Relations
    • CEO Scripts
    • Q&A Preparation
    • Investor Presentations
    • Presentation Coaching
  • Company Performance
  • Annual Reports

Well prepared corporate and financial communications counsel offer invaluable benefits during critical business scenarios:

  • CEO Transitions: Ensure smooth transitions of leadership to maintain stakeholders’ confidence.
  • Proxy Contests:  Deliver influential advertising, website solutions and communications to effectively convey your message to shareholders. 
  • Corporate Transactions: Facilitate effective communication strategies, minimizing disruptions and managing stakeholders’ expectations.
  • Crisis Situations: Enable prompt, transparent, and strategic communications to protect and restore your company’s reputation.
  • Investor + Annual Meetings: Deliver compelling narratives to inspire confidence, investment, and drive shareholder value.

We will help you navigate any of these scenarios with clarity and resilience to increase positive shareholder engagement.

In today’s environmentally conscious world, corporate sustainability initiatives are expected and may soon be required.

The general public, customers, employees, supply chain partners, regulators, investors and news media all continue to monitor and scrutinize how companies are responsibly conducting their operations; they expect a sustainability approach that makes sense with clear benefits to local community and environmental impact. 

Thoughtful corporate sustainability reporting enhances brand transparency and builds trust in corporate reputation by disclosing initiatives you are undertaking to mitigate risks, drive innovation, and create long-term shareholder value. But, navigating the complexities of sustainability reporting can be daunting.

We will guide you through the nuances and complexities of the compliance + disclosure process and manage reporting from conception through publication to maintain close alignment with your organization’s brand standards, business strategy and corporate values. 

Our experience in branding, creative design and editorial services help companies create a compelling narrative to showcase the mission, impact and performance of their ESG initiatives – beyond just metrics. 

Strengthening employee retention & recruitment, enhancing leadership credibility and building momentum for new company initiatives are important to fostering a successful enterprise. And effective internal communications is vital to sustaining a well knit company culture. We have years of experience building employee and change communication campaigns during periods of business transformation, post-merger integration, corporate transactions and restructurings, branding initiatives or crisis situations.

  • C-Suite Communications
  • Environmental Signage
  • Intranet
  • Newsletters
  • Town Halls

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that optimizes your company’s organic visibility in the world’s top search engines.

The listing order (rank) of your corporate communications in search engines is influenced by content, structure, HTML code, backlinks from other web pages, and more. 

It’s essential that your company is visible with positive content in the world’s leading search engines.

  • Our online reputation management services help preserve or restore your company’s credibility and trust.
  • Our SEO solutions ensure proper content indexing to increase traffic to your website.
  • We are experts in metadata and keyword optimization, tracking mentions, responding to feedback, and developing strategies to improve online reputation.

Some of our

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Steve WorksFounder & CEO, Dongle
Zuck Marks - Founder, Facesmash
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Zuck MarksFounder, Facesmash
Elton Must - CEO, Juice Car
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Elton MustCEO, Juice Car
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